Headteacher’s message



 I take this opportunity to welcome you to Ong’eche Primary School’s official website. We are today humbled to have our website launched. This a great Milestone in the development of the school because it has ushered us into a new era. We are indeed privileged as a community. Our school has had a steady growth over the years; thanks to the co-operation of all the stakeholders in this endeavor. As a community we have come along way with various challenges but hard work and teamwork has been our cover stone and pillar. We do hope and believe that our school will grow in bounds and leaps for the long-term development of the school and the community at large. We also wish to register our appreciation to all our financial partners as they have seen us this far.


About Us

 MISSION To provide quality Education that will make our children be responsible and self reliant citizens in future. VISION To provide an …

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